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St Ann’s CE Primary Governing Body Structure


Full Name Role Date of appointment Term of Office Appointed by Date term ends
Mrs Janet Lazarus Chair of Governors Diocesan Governor 03.07.2019 4 years Liverpool Diocese 16.06.2027
Mrs Linda Humphries Co-Chair and Diocesan Governor 06.07.2021 4 years Liverpool Diocese 05.07.2025
Mr Alan Strogen Vice Chair of Governors 29.09.2016 4 years Parochial Church Council 30.08.2024
Mrs Kate Keen Headteacher 01.09.2011 Ongoing Ex Officio (Headteacher) ongoing
Mrs Kathy Sherwen Associate Governor (no voting rights) 01.07.2018 4 years Elected staff ongoing
Miss Louise Hunt Associate Governor (no voting rights) 01.09.2018 4 years Elected staff ongoing
Mr Stephen Cartledge Staff governor 05.02.2024 4 years Elected staff 04.02.2028
Mrs Sharon King Foundation Governor 01.09.2008 4 years Warrington CofE Education Trust 29.08.2024
Rev Shirley Cowan Vicar St Ann's CofE Church/ Vice Chair of Governors 13.06.2016 Ongoing Ex Officio (Vicar) Ongoing
Mr Jonathan Blundell Parent Governor 04.02.2022 4 years Elected parent 03.02.2026
Ms Andrea Colville PCC Governor 06.03.2018 4 years Parochial Church Council 04.03.2026
Mrs Jayne Narraway Local Authority Governor 20.01.2022 4 years Appointed by the LA 19.01.2026
Mrs Bianca Prescot Foundation Governor 21/07/2021 4 years Parochial Church Council 01.09.2023 (resigned)
Miss Charlotte Wilbourne Parent Governor 12/02/2023 4 years Elected parent 12.02.2027


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