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Google Classroom

If children need to learn remotely, lesson resources, pre-recorded videos and live sessions will be provided through Google Classroom – a digital learning platform created by Google. 

The purpose of our Google Classroom is to provide a safe and secure place to receive and share learning, and a place to connect with school staff and classmates. Google Classroom is accessible from any digital device with internet access and a web browser.

All learning will be set by school staff through the platform. Parents/carers can login and view the assignments that have been set, whether their child has completed and submitted them, and any feedback that they may have received.

Go to classroom.google.com to access your child's Google Classroom page.


This is a really useful video guide to explain how to use Google Classroom. There is also a printable document.

  • I can't access Google Classroom from my device.

    In order to access Google Classroom and the scheduled Google Meets you will need to ensure that your child is logged in using their allocated school information. Please ensure that all other private google accounts that could be logged in on the device are closed down to prevent any conflicts behind the scenes.

  • I can't see a lesson that is scheduled is on the class page.

    If you arrive early to a scheduled Google meet lesson it is likely the link will not be there. This is due to the teacher not making the link live to prevent children from entering the meeting early without the appropriate teaching supervision. If the link isn't their initially keep refreshing the page until it appears.

  • The device I have loaned from school is not working.

    Please contact school@wstanns.co.uk for support. We may be able to offer some immediate support, but we may need to contact our external IT support provider.


We expect the children to:

Take Responsibility

  • Check Google Classroom every day to view new assignments, and to respond to any feedback they may have received from school staff.
  • Complete learning by either completing it on a digital device, or by doing on paper and submitting a photo, video or sound clip.
  • Complete the learning provided to the best of their ability.
  • Use ‘learning time’ to access, complete and submit learning on Google Classroom, and not access any other content on the internet unless it is for the learning that is being done.

Be Safe:

  • Do not share personal information such as e-mail, home address or phone number.
  • Only login using their own username/login and password.
  • When submitting images, sound clips or video, make sure that they are appropriate for the learning task.

Be Respectful

  • Understand that Google Classroom and Google Meet are to be used for learning and not for social purposes.
  • Be polite, friendly, and encouraging in any communication with school staff and other pupils.
  • Send polite and responsible messages and think carefully about how online messages affect others.

Communicate Appropriately

  • Make sure all comments are about the learning.
  • Be aware that any comments deleted by pupils are still visible to school staff.
  • Avoid using text language like ‘u’ for ‘you’, etc.
  • Do not use strings of exclamation or question marks: one ‘!’ or ‘?’ will do.
  • Use capital letters in the correct places: proper nouns (names of people and places, the beginning of a sentence, and for the pronoun, ‘I’. Please don’t use ALL capitals.
  • Use punctuation correctly: full stop at the end of a sentence, commas where needed, etc.
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