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The school’s PE curriculum is designed so that pupils keep fit and healthy and understand a healthy lifestyle improves their physical and mental well-being as well as giving them all opportunities to take part in sport. Many of our children have limited experiences and opportunities of sports outside of school, so the curriculum aims to give them as many opportunities as possible. The strength of the school curriculum is that it is progressive, well balanced, gives children a broad range of sports and activities and subsequently feeds into outside competitions where their skills can be applied.

It has been designed to be progressive and links to local sports competitions that are organised across the town. Skills are built upon each year and there is a clear building on skills as the children move through school. These skills are designed to improve agility, balance and coordination which are the basics of physical literacy.

Another distinct feature of our curriculum is that both indoor and outdoor PE take place on the same day so as to ensure that PE time is maximised.Learning is sequenced through our REAL PE resource where children are challenged to master the level they are on before attempting more complexed skills. Outdoor PE then looks at more traditional type sports where these skills can be applied.

The curriculum is enriched by creating intra schools’ competitions in KS2 and encouraging children to engage with morning fitness clubs and after school clubs. We also have companies come in to deliver taster sessions in dance, wheelchair basketball, rugby and other sports. 

The lessons in PE focus on children achieving their personal best and this ensures that children remain engaged as they are challenging themselves.We believe that the children enjoy PE lessons as they are well delivered and offer something for everyone.


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