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St Ann's RE Curriculum


We are a Church of England School and follow the Diocesan syllabus for RE.  Within our whole school curriculum, RE is considered a core subject and is intrinsically linked with the teaching of our Christian Values.

RE enables our children to:

  • explore how individuals and communities find meaning and make sense of their lives
  • know about, understand, reflect upon and respond to the important and ultimate questions in life
  • develop an awareness of spiritual and moral issues in life experiences
  • develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other world religions and value systems found in Britain and the wider world
  • develop an understanding of religious traditions and to appreciate the cultural differences in Britain today
  • develop a respect for other people‚Äôs views and to celebrate the diversity of society


In line with the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Education, across school we follow the Blackburn Diocese Syllabus. In Foundation Stage, RE is part of the Understanding the World area of learning and is taught thematically through whole class/ small group teaching and through indoor and outdoor play. From Year 1 to Year 6 RE is taught in a weekly session.

RE Documents

Our RE curriculum begins in the Foundation stage under the area of learning Understanding the World (People, Culture and Communities).  Please click on this link to view the Early Years curriculum plans for Reception and Nursery.


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